Davis St Garden – Plot 9

Welcome to my little plot located in the community garden in Davis St, Kensington. This plot is part of a ten private and two community garden plots and was created at the start of 2016 with funding from the City of Melbourne.

You may have reached this page by simply searching or by scanning the QR code located on my plot using the Community Garden App I developed to expand the influence of our community garden beyond our lovely location in Kensington.

You couldn’t ask for a more idyllic location for a small community Garden. Located on a previously vacant verge separating the very short cul de sac that is Davis St from a ROW (Right of Way). There are only 5 houses in Davis St and I live in one of them, giving me a great view of the garden and the park across the road – Parson’s Reserve – once the site of a church, more than 150 years ago.

The junction that is now the community garden sees many people passing by, heading to or from the busy Newmarket St shopping precinct. Children playing in Parson’s Reserve often include a stroll around the garden, looking for a ripe strawberry to pluck.