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First day of School - MHS 0

Joe starts school at Melbourne High 2016

Joe started school at Melbourne High on the 28th of January along with 300 other young men. Being the uncool parents, we followed our son to school… catching the 903 bus to Oakleigh and...

Flower Photos from our Garden 0

Flower Photos from our Garden

Well our first cyclone of the season passed without problem and part of the process of cyclone preparation is about checking the garden. Normally this is done to secure potential flying missiles, but let’s...

New websites added to XsymetriX 0

New websites added to XsymetriX

I have been assisting the McMinns Lagoon community to set up their website and have included some photographs of the wonderful flora and fauna of the area. To find out where McMinns Lagoon is...

3 houses for different purposes 0

3 houses for different purposes

In the picture below are two vessels. The large cruise ship is the Sea Princess which is one among 8 or so cruise ships docking in Darwin this month. These visitors help the economy...

Australia Day Thong Fashion 0

Australia Day Thong Fashion

With less than a day to go before Australia Day, I thought it worthwhile reflecting on this day beyond it being a day off. The following three sites are wonderful reference tools whether you...

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