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Leaving Indonesia 0

Leaving Indonesia

We have really enjoyed our time here. Our little hotel just around the corner from the famous Tugu statue was clean, wifi enabled, airconditioned and the two different breakfasts we ate were wonderful. The...

Joe’s a Teenager!! 0

Joe’s a Teenager!!

From From Bali to Prambanan then to Borobodur – 2014-12-09 We had a great day yesterday after arriving in Yogyakarta the day before (the 9th), hiring a car a driver and heading straight for...

Temple Run – 2014 – Teenager Edition (The prequel) 0

Temple Run – 2014 – Teenager Edition (The prequel)

Welcome to Temple Run 2014 – Teenager Edition. A three week journey through 4 countries. So this year we are travelling to a number of locations to visit significant temples. Borobodur a Buddhist temple,...