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In Flanders Fields – 2020

A year ago, our son Joe was reciting “In Flanders fields” at the Melbourne Shrine of Remembrance in front of thousands of students from Victorian schools, distinguished RSL guests and Her Excellency the Governor...

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School Captain Speech 2019 – Melbourne High School

As Melbourne High students, our success often comes from striving for greater accomplishments, in looking towards the future for an end goal, whether that be an ATAR, a National Rowing Medal, a Royal South...


National Rowing Championships 2019

Although this seems like a long time ago in a place far far away, it is part of the celebration of four years at Melbourne High. I wrote a long article at the time...


Melbourne High win at State Rowing Championships

For those who have seen the photos already on Facebook I apologise as this is coming from my blog – It is a more comprehensive post though with more links and video. The State...


Philanthropy is more than an ATAR score

Joe and his colleagues at Melbourne High do well in academic studies and sport. Part of the program at Melbourne High focusses on community service and engagement. I was surprised and pleased when Joe,...

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