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Easter, Chillies, Frogs, Princes and Dr Who 0

Easter, Chillies, Frogs, Princes and Dr Who

This story is one small event that combines past and present experiences. It was part of our trip to Sydney and Canberra in Easter 2017. Many wonderful things happened along the way and they’ll...


From commentator to cultivator

I look down on the garden that has popped up at the end of our very short street and now view it with a new found sense of urgency. With a plot offered and gratefully...

Dry Season Flowers 0

Dry Season Flowers

In the dry season in Darwin our flowers come out in bloom. Although I primarily only have one type of orchid, this time of year the other couple pop out a flower. This type...

Trinidad Scorpion Chilli 0

Trinidad Scorpion Chilli

Here are the first pictures of a Trinidad scorpion chilli. Fittingly it came from a plant I gave my father last Father’s day. I have fruit on my plant as well, but they haven’t...

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